Valve urges teams to implement “severe consequences” for misconduct in Dota 2

Dota 2 Players Receives Backlash for Racially-Charged Comments

During the recent minor tournament of the 2018 to 2019 Dota Pro Circuit, compLexity Gaming player Andrei “skem” Ong and TNC Predator’s Carlo “Kuku” Palad faced backlash for racially-charged comments directed at Chinese Dota 2 team Royal Never Give Up. The incidents caused outrage among fans, who expressed their disappointment with Valve’s lack of action. However, Valve has finally responded to the Dota 2 community, urging teams to take responsibility for their players’ behavior.

Valve Condemns Inappropriate Language

In a blog post titled “The Major and Professional Dota Players,” Valve expressed its disapproval of the language used by multiple players during the past week. The company emphasized the importance of understanding that words can be harmful and that the Dota 2 community must hold players accountable for their actions. Valve acknowledged that while professional players have respect for each other, the recent incidents have damaged the entire Dota community.

Teams Urged to Enforce Strong Punishments

Valve did not publicly punish the players involved in the incidents. However, it made it clear that it expects participating teams to ensure the accountability of their players and impose strong punishments when necessary. Although Valve did not provide specific guidelines for these punishments, it encourages players and the community to become more educated and respectful as a result of these incidents.

Valve Calls for a Respectful Dota Community

Valve concluded its response by stating its hope that players and the Dota community worldwide will strive for improvement and display respect towards one another. The company emphasized its belief in the shared desire for players and teams to perform well and provide an exemplary Dota experience.

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