Valve Introduces New Skill Icons to Dota 2 Client, Potentially Teasing Next Hero

Dota 2 Teases New Hero “Mars” with Recent Update

The last update for Dota 2, called Dueling Fates, introduced new heroes to the game in November of last year. However, a recent update suggests that Valve might be working on yet another new hero.

Yesterday, Valve released an 800 megabyte patch for the Dota 2 client, which included two new ability icons named “Phalanx Cancel” and “Spear.” These icons are associated with a hero named “Mars.”

The “Phalanx Cancel” icon depicts a traditional phalanx formation, commonly used by ancient Greek warriors. The image is marked with a large red X, symbolizing the word “cancel.”

The “Spear” icon simply shows the weapon itself, featuring a tattered red cloth hanging from the top of the shaft for added aesthetic appeal. The blade of the spear appears slightly larger and wider than a typical Greek spear.

In addition to the icons, the patch also included particle effects for an ability called “Spear Wall,” also associated with the hero Mars.

Based on these images, it is clear that Mars is inspired by Ares, the god of war in Greek mythology. In Dota 2’s lore, Zeus, the god of the sky and thunder and Mars’ father, gave up his immortality. This suggests that there will be specific voice lines and interactions between Mars and Zeus in the game.

However, it is important to note that Mars is still a long way from being officially revealed or released in Dota 2.

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