Valve imposes ban on TNC Predator’s Kuku in wake of racist remarks at Chongqing Major

TNC Predator Player Officially Banned from Dota 2’s Chongqing Major

TNC Predator player Carlo “Kuku” Palad has been officially banned from Dota 2’s Chongqing Major, scheduled for January. Valve issued the ban in a blog post today.


The ban comes after reports that Kuku would be refused entry by the local government, sparking discussions about a potential boycott of the event. Valve clarified that Kuku was not banned by the Chinese government, but due to the “anxiety around his attendance and problems it may create.”

Valve Steps In

Valve stated that it is the responsibility of teams to handle these issues professionally. However, since TNC mishandled the situation by lying and attempting to cover up the incident, Valve felt it necessary to intervene.

Punishment and Future Events

Kuku was previously punished by TNC Predator in November for writing a racist message in Dota 2’s chat system. Valve will dock 20% of TNC Predator’s Dota 2 Pro Circuit points for “poor decision making” and “covering up the situation.” Kuku’s ban from the Chongqing Major will not affect his attendance at future events, according to Valve.

Support from Dota 2 Personalities

Dota 2 caster Grant “GranDGranT” Harris expressed his refusal to cast at the Chongqing Major if Kuku is not allowed to play. Other personalities, such as Austin “Capitalist” Walsh, have shown support for Harris and declined invitations to the event due to Valve’s lack of oversight on the community.

Valve concludes by stating that players and teams should accept responsibility for their mistakes and that there will be opportunities to learn from them, but taking responsibility comes with a cost.

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