Valve Implements New Policy: No Patches Before or During Pro Circuit Majors

Valve Changes Dota 2 Update Schedule for Pro Circuit Majors

Valve, the developer and publisher of Dota 2, has announced a change in their update schedule for Pro Circuit Major events. Starting immediately, they will cease implementing bi-weekly balance patches before or during these tournaments. This decision comes in response to complaints from the community and professional scene about the timing of the recent Patch 7.14 release.

Patch 7.14 was released on the live servers last Thursday, almost coinciding with the start of the Epicenter XL Major, which runs from April 27 to May 5. This patch is the largest one yet under Valve’s new update scheme, with numerous tweaks to heroes, items, and more. It even enabled Techies in Captains Mode, a hero that teams have had no time to practice with in scrims.

Since the Reborn update in September 2015, official Dota 2 competitive matches no longer utilize Tournament Mode, which allowed games to be played on previous versions of the game. The removal of this setting has raised concerns within the community, as teams at important tournaments can be caught off guard and have their strategies rendered useless.

While the removal of bi-weekly balance patches during Pro Circuit Majors improves consistency in the professional scene, it does mean that public matchmaking won’t receive these updates during those times. However, this sacrifice is deemed necessary to maintain a healthy competitive environment. Minors will still be subject to patches during their tournaments.

In conclusion, Valve’s decision to change the update schedule for Pro Circuit Majors shows their commitment to addressing concerns in the community and ensuring a fair and consistent competitive environment for Dota 2 players.

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