Valve Implements Eight-Year Bans for Abusers of Low Priority Queue

Getting out of low priority matchmaking in Dota 2 can be difficult.

In addition to dealing with leavers, toxic players, and griefers, you also have to win legitimate matchmaking games to escape punishment.

However, if you consistently misbehave, you probably deserve to be in low priority unless your server connection is the issue. Some players will go to extreme lengths to avoid it.

Valve is now cracking down on those who abuse the low priority system. According to a post on the Dota 2 subreddit, players caught using the “low priority bot” method could receive matchmaking bans of up to eight years.

This method involves opening multiple instances of the Dota 2 client controlled by scripts. These accounts queue at the same time as the account in low priority. It is typically done on a server with a small population to increase the chances of matching the dummy accounts together.

These “bots” mindlessly run their respective heroes down the middle lane, allowing the offending player to quickly gain gold and experience through multiple hero kills. This leads to a snowball effect, securing a quick victory. The process is repeated until the account is out of low-priority matchmaking.

This method has been a problem for some time, but Valve has recently started issuing longer punishments to abusers.

With these bans in place, abusers may reconsider cheating the system and instead focus on improving in-game behavior.

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