Upcoming VALORANT Blog Post Reveals Agent Updates in Early 2022, Teases Introduction of Filipino Agent

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The Latest Update on VALORANT Agents

A recent blog post about VALORANT provides fans with a review of the agents introduced in 2021 and gives a glimpse into what can be expected in the first half of 2022, including hints about the next agent.

Agents Introduced in 2021

Last year, VALORANT introduced several new agents, each with their own unique abilities and roles in the game. Yoru, Astra, KAY/O, and Chamber all brought something new to the meta. While Astra has become a dominant agent, there are others like Yoru that need some updates. Additionally, Patch 3.0 made significant changes to the VALORANT economy and certain agents have become popular choices on specific maps, such as Breach on Fracture.

What to Expect in 2022

In the first six months of 2022, VALORANT players can expect several changes to agents. The blog post acknowledges that agent balance has been a lower priority compared to previous episodes, but the developers have reevaluated their workflow and team structure and are changing their priorities for the new year. This means that players will see more frequent agent updates and a focus on fixing balance issues faster than before. While the specific changes have not been revealed yet, fans can anticipate more information prior to their implementation.

Hinting at the Next Agent

The blog post also provides hints about the next VALORANT agent. The message begins with a phrase in Filipino, implying the nationality of the next agent. It goes on to mention that the new agent will outpace the rest of the roster, shock the competition, and slide straight into the fight. Although this doesn’t officially unveil the next agent, it suggests that their abilities may involve electricity and that they could be a duelist. The message concludes with another Filipino phrase meaning “thanks a lot.” Fans can look forward to learning more about this agent at the beginning of 2022.

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