VALORANT Guide: Mastering Split – Layout, Callouts, Tips, and Tricks

Split Returns to the VALORANT Map Pool

Split, a beloved map in VALORANT, has officially made its comeback to the game. After being removed from the active pool for several months, Split made its return on January 10, 2023 with the start of Episode Six. Players can now enjoy Split in both unrated and competitive queues.

Mid Control is Key on Split

On Split, securing control of mid is of utmost importance. This is because attackers can quickly reach the tower overlooking each site after gaining control of mid. Defenders, on the other hand, have an advantage due to the bottleneck entrances to both A and B sites. With the map’s return, Riot has made some changes to help attackers by removing annoying defender angles that needed to be cleared.

A Comprehensive Guide to Split

Split Layout and Basic Callouts

Here is the in-game map for Split along with all the basic callouts.

Screengrab via Riot Games

Split A Site Strategies and Tips

When entering through A main, attackers have two options: go straight into the site underneath Rafters and Heaven, or take the Ramps up into Tower. Opting for Tower gives attackers more visibility and control over the A site, but it also exposes them to lurkers in the back of Tower or quick rotates from Mid/Vents. It’s crucial for attackers to keep a player in Tower and on Ramp during post-plants to catch off defenders attempting a retake.

On the defending side, use smokes on A main right past the attacker spawn to discourage quick pushes. This will give you a chance to find a strategic angle or at least have more time to set up your defense. Holding from Catwalk is ideal for watching A main, assuming there is someone in Tower to keep an eye on attackers coming through Ramp or Vents.

Image via Riot Games

Following the recent update, the A main entrance has been widened, and attackers have been given a small ledge to throw off aggressive defenders. The Rafters balcony has also been reduced to eliminate hiding spots at different heights in the immediate corner.

Split B Site Strategies and Tips

Any attack through B main should be accompanied by pressure from mid to B Tower. This is because the B site has many corners and angles where defenders can hide (on TV, in Back, behind Board, around the Default corner). Utilizing Viper or Sage walls, or deploying smokes to cover crosses from B main onto the site, is crucial for attackers.

On defense, having agents like Jett or Omen who can gather early information from B main and retreat safely is ideal. Agents that can disrupt pushes or executes before they happen, such as KAY/O or Breach, are also great choices.

Image via Riot Games

Changes to the B site include the removal of the jump-up spot in B Tower and the smoothing out of the pocket corner at the bottom of the rope to make it easier to clear.

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