Upcoming Genshin Impact Character Chiori’s Full Ability Kit Leaked

Genshin Impact’s Upcoming Duel Weapons Character, Chiori, Leaks Full Ability Kit

Genshin Impact players are eagerly awaiting the release of the game’s upcoming character, Chiori, who wields duel weapons. Recently, the full ability kit for Chiori has been leaked, providing insight into the powerful skills this character will possess.

Chiori’s Abilities:
1. Swift Step
2. Tricks with Knives
3. Raging Dance
4. Sudden Reversal

1. Swift Step:
Chiori swiftly moves through the battlefield, dealing AoE damage to enemies in her path. This ability can be upgraded to increase damage and lower the cooldown time.

2. Tricks with Knives:
Chiori throws a barrage of knives at her enemies, dealing damage and inflicting a bleeding effect. The more enemies hit, the stronger the bleeding effect becomes. Upgrading this ability increases damage and reduces energy cost.

3. Raging Dance:
Chiori enters a state of frenzy, unleashing a flurry of attacks with her duel weapons. Each hit deals high damage, and successful hits generate elemental particles. Upgrading this ability enhances damage output and reduces skill cooldown.

4. Sudden Reversal:
Chiori performs a swift counter-attack, negating enemy damage and retaliating with a powerful strike. This ability can be upgraded to increase the duration of negation and boost damage dealt during the counter-attack.

Chiori’s impressive ability kit highlights her versatility in both single-target and AoE damage. As players eagerly anticipate her arrival, they can begin strategizing how to best utilize Chiori’s skills in their Genshin Impact gameplay.

Remember that leaks are subject to change before the official release, so it’s best to take this information with a grain of salt. Nonetheless, this leak has undoubtedly sparked excitement among Genshin Impact players, fueling anticipation for Chiori’s debut.

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