Unveiling 100 Thieves’ Strategy to Escape the Second-Place Deadlock: Poppy Jungle

EU LCS Influences NA LCS with Unique Jungle Pick

This week’s NA LCS match between 100 Thieves and Echo Fox featured an unexpected jungle pick. 100T’s Andy “AnDa” Hoang chose to play Poppy jungle, a less common role for the popular champion.

An Unconventional Choice that Works

The decision to play Poppy in the jungle was highly successful for AnDa. With strong crowd control from his teammates, he was able to dive towers and deal damage while building full tank.

Poppy’s Rising Popularity in North America

Although Poppy is traditionally played as a top laner, she has been gaining popularity in the North American meta. Her high priority in picks and bans indicates her strength in the current tank-focused meta.

Tips for Playing Poppy Jungle

If you decide to try playing Poppy in the jungle, focus on taking advantage of her wall-slamming abilities in the river during Scuttle Crab spawns. However, be aware that successful ganks may be more difficult without strong crowd control from your laning allies.

In conclusion, Poppy is a strong tank champion that can excel in various roles, but it is not recommended to play her as a support.

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