Unintentional Banwave Hits CS2 Due to ‘Ghost’ Glitch Causing Game Disruptions

February Update Causes Chaos in Counter-Strike 2 with Unfortunate Glitch

An update released in February for Counter-Strike 2 has caused chaos among players due to a glitch that results in unexpected consequences. This glitch occurs when players accidentally shoot near an allied corpse, leading to the game mistakenly registering it as “too much team damage.”

New Glitch Discovered After Feb. 12 Update

The update, which went live on February 12, was intended to address various issues such as VOIP sound, the introduction of the new Kukri Knife, and artifacts related to smoke particles. However, players have reported experiencing a new glitch following the update. Numerous players have shared their frustrations on platforms like Reddit, highlighting instances where they were kicked from the game and given a 30-minute competitive cooldown after damaging an enemy player soon after their CT teammate’s death. One such incident was captured on video in Nuke’s Vent.

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