Tweaks to Heroes and Items in Dota 2 Patch 7.12

Valve Releases Dota 2 Patch 7.12 with Hero and Item Tweaks

Valve continues its regular patch schedule with the release of Dota 2 Patch 7.12 today. This is the fifth bi-weekly balance update in a row, focusing on hero and item adjustments.

Pangolier is now available for selection in Captains Mode, following in the footsteps of Dark Willow from two patches ago. Dark Willow has already proven herself as a threat in the current metagame, and teams may find a place for Pangolier as well.

Crystal Maiden is becoming a viable choice again with the recent buffs. Her attack damage has been increased by three, and Arcane Aura’s self regeneration has been improved to an average of 2.65 mana per second per level.

Dark Seer’s Vacuum ability has been hit hard, with a scaling cooldown that starts at 60 seconds instead of a flat 32 seconds. However, other aspects of Vacuum and his ultimate Wall of Replica have been buffed.

Io’s Tether ability now gives him the same movement speed as the tethered ally, making roaming with Io easier for heroes like Slardar and Bloodseeker.

Slardar’s Sprint ability no longer amplifies incoming damage, giving him more flexibility in the early game to secure last hits and bully opponents.

Dark Willow, Gyrocopter, and Tiny have all received nerfs due to their presence in the current metagame. Gyrocopter’s Flak Cannon has a longer cooldown of 40 seconds.

Several items, including Clarity Potions, Nullifier, Silver Edge, and Spirit Vessel, have been adjusted. Clarity Potions have been effective in the current metagame but have been toned down.

The patch will have an impact on the Dota 2 Asia Championships (DAC), which started yesterday in Shanghai, China. The tournament will show if the patch has any significant implications for the metagame.

Fans should keep an eye on any metagame shifts throughout the DAC tournament.

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