TSM stages epic comeback against top-ranked Cloud9 in week 5 of 2021 LCS Spring Split

TSM Upsets Cloud9 in LCS Match

TSM, the reigning LCS champions, delivered an impressive upset over Cloud9, one of the strongest League of Legends teams in the region. Cloud9, known for their aggressive playstyle, was unable to dominate TSM as they usually do.

TSM started behind in the game, with their player Spica dying multiple times and falling behind in CS. The Riot broadcast team even jokingly suggested that TSM should give up and quit the game. However, Spica remained composed and made strategic plays to bring his team back into the game.

Despite being behind, TSM’s Hecarim player, Spica, adopted a tankier playstyle instead of the usual carry-oriented build. He utilized Hecarim’s crowd control abilities to support his teammates, PowerOfEvil and Lost, who were playing Azir and Kai’Sa respectively.

Cloud9, with a record of 11-4, has now suffered back-to-back losses against Team Liquid and TSM, two other top contenders for the title. While they still hold first place in the standings and have secured a playoff spot, their lead has narrowed to just two games. TSM and Dignitas are one game behind them, and Team Liquid could join the chase for second place with a win over Counter Logic Gaming.

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