TSM secures tie for second place in LCS after dominant victory against 100 Thieves

TSM Dominates 100 Thieves in Convincing Victory

The early stages of 2021 have been a roller coaster for TSM and 100 Thieves. Some days, they dominate their opponents with ease, while on other days, they struggle to maintain their performance. In their recent matchup, TSM showcased a more convincing gameplay, securing several victories and ultimately crushing 100 Thieves’ Nexus in just 30 minutes.

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TSM’s rookie AD carry, Lost, played a major role in the team’s success. With an impressive score of 6/0/3, Lost’s triple kill near the Baron pit at the 22-minute mark sealed 100 Thieves’ fate.

Both TSM and 100 Thieves entered the game tied for second place in the LCS alongside three other teams: Team Liquid, Evil Geniuses, and Dignitas.

Although catching up to the leading team, Cloud9, may seem unlikely, playoff seeding is still up for grabs in the last week of the season. Each game holds equal importance as wins and losses from the Spring Split carry over to the Summer Split.

With this recent victory, TSM is now just two and a half games behind first place. While securing the top spot will be challenging, TSM has a chance to make a significant impact on Cloud9’s lead when they face off against them tomorrow at 5pm CT.

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