TSM secure victory against Gigabyte Marines, maintaining hopes for top four finish

TSM is currently in third place in the group stages at MSI 2017 after defeating the Gigabyte Marines. This win marks the seventh meeting between the two teams during the competition.

During the early game, the Gigabyte Marines scored an easy kill by engaging with TSM. However, TSM quickly retaliated when they checked the bush the Gigabyte Marines were in and collapsed on them.

Despite this setback, Gigabyte Marines attempted a gank in the midlane that backfired when their jungler, Đỗ “Levi” Duy Khánh, took too many tower shots and died. This gave TSM the kill they needed and allowed them to reset the game, giving them a slight advantage.

TSM capitalized on the Gigabyte Marines’ over-aggression in fights by picking up kills in all three lanes and securing the first tower of the game.

After the ten minute mark, both teams played it safe and avoided risky plays. The game became a strategic stalemate, with both teams focusing on vision control and punishing any overextended members on the map.

At the 15-minute mark, we finally saw a teamfight where TSM emerged victorious. TSM’s Renekton engaged and knocked up multiple members of the Gigabyte Marines, bringing their health bars down and allowing TSM’s damage dealers to pick off the squishy champions and extend their gold lead.

TSM managed to take two towers during this play, but it also left them vulnerable to a potential collapse from the Gigabyte Marines. Although the Gigabyte Marines secured three kills, they were unable to secure the Baron or gain any significant advantages.

A failed gank by the Gigabyte Marines in the toplane resulted in two kills for TSM. This rewarded TSM’s patience and allowed them to secure the Baron buff, which they used to break into the Gigabyte Marines’ base and close out the game.

In their next match, TSM will face SK Telecom T1. A victory in this match, although unlikely, would bring them within one win of a top four finish.

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