Truly Terrible Incident Strikes Dota 2 Team Planet Odd at Epicenter

Poor Planet Odd: The Wombo-Combo That Crushed Their Hopes at Epicenter

The summer’s biggest Dota 2 LAN event, Epicenter, took a brutal turn for Planet Odd when they attempted to pick off Virtus Pro’s support Alexi “Solo” Berezin and his under-farmed Warlock. It was like a midnight snack—a little satisfying, but mostly disappointing. Just as they reached out to grab the kill, they were hit with a dazing Reverse Polarity and more unexpected attacks.

Let’s break it down: A four-man Reverse Polarity followed by a four-man Demonic Offering, a four-man Ghost Ship, and a five-man Sonic Wave. Meanwhile, an Empowered Troll Warlord relentlessly pummels the helpless Planet Odd. It was a devastating combination that completely obliterated them.

Poor Planet Odd, formerly known as Thunderbirds and Digital Chaos, had a golden opportunity in their second game against Virtus Pro. They had a strong lineup with key items and abilities ready to go. A successful pickoff could have given them the advantage they needed to secure Roshan or push high ground, leveling the playing field in this intense series. Their eagerness to chase Solo’s Warlock into the fog of war is understandable, but it proved to be their downfall.

Pavel “9pasha” Khvastunov’s four-man Reverse Polarity may have initially won the fight for Virtus Pro, but it’s the subsequent pile on that turns this skirmish into a fiery spectacle. Even with some stacked stuns, the coordination displayed by Virtus Pro is undeniably impressive.

Planet Odd ultimately conceded defeat five minutes later, putting them on the verge of elimination at the ongoing Epicenter LAN in Moscow, which will continue until the next weekend.

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