Troubling perk combo in Warzone after season 2 buff exposed by player

Exploring Warzone Gas Survival Strategy

Warzone enthusiasts have made a fascinating discovery that can help you stay alive in the gas for longer than expected. By combining the Quick Fix and Irradiated perks, players have found an effective way to endure the gas.

The Buff to the Irradiated Perk

In the recent CoD: MW3 season two update on February 7th, the Irradiated perk underwent some enhancements. Previously, it reduced gas damage by 10 percent, but now it offers a 20 percent reduction. Additionally, players can now replace armor plates even while being exposed to the detrimental effects of the gas. Raven Software, the developer behind the game, stated that these changes were made to provide players with extra benefits when utilizing the Irradiated perk, such as the ability to plate up while navigating through the gas. This opens up new opportunities for strategic rotations within the game.

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