Top URF Combo Synergies to Experiment with Your Friends!

Meet URF, the fast and intense game mode in League of Legends. In URF, choosing the right duo synergy can make all the difference between victory and defeat. So, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best duo synergies to help you dominate URF. Let’s dive in!

10. Mundo + Draven

This duo is a classic. Draven deals tons of damage from the backline while Mundo tanks like a beast. Just be careful against long-range lanes and assassins that can shut down Draven early.

9. Leblanc + Lee Sin

If you want to make flashy plays, this is the duo for you. With their high skill ceiling, Leblanc and Lee Sin can be a deadly combo in the right hands. Plus, their mobility makes them frustrating to deal with.

8. Ekko + Taric

If you hate dying, Ekko and Taric are here to save the day. Ekko can rewind time and Taric’s ultimate makes you practically invincible. With Taric’s stuns and Ekko’s damage, you’ll be unstoppable.

7. Trundle + Udyr

When the enemy team picks bruisers, pick Trundle and Udyr. Both champions deal insane damage and can sustain themselves. Use their mobility to chase down enemies and delete them.

6. Lux + Morgana

Lux and Morgana are the kings of crowd control. With their roots and snares, you can keep enemies locked down for days. Plus, Lux’s ultimate adds another layer of burst damage.

5. Thresh + Blitzcrank

Thresh and Blitzcrank love to hook their opponents. Hide in bushes, land those hooks, and watch the enemy team crumble. Just be careful not to miss, as their kits rely heavily on landing those hooks.

4. Shaco + Yuumi

Shaco is a slippery champion, and Yuumi can make him even harder to catch. With Yuumi attached to Shaco, you can proxy lanes, dive enemies, and cause chaos. Your enemies won’t stand a chance.

3. Yasuo + Malphite

Yasuo needs knock-ups, and Malphite is here to provide them. With Yasuo’s wind wall and Malphite’s ultimate, you can turn fights in an instant. It’s a simple combo, but it works like a charm.

2. Leona + Zilean

Leona’s crowd control paired with Zilean’s bombs is a deadly combination. You can stun enemies for what feels like forever. Plus, Zilean can revive Leona if things get dicey.

1. Jax + Renekton

This classic bruiser combo is unstoppable. Renekton dominates the early game, while Jax takes over in the late game. With their stuns and damage, they can carry games on their own.

In conclusion, URF is all about finding the perfect duo synergy. Experiment with different combinations, play with friends, and have fun dominating the game. Good luck!

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