Top Kayn Counters in League of Legends

Kayn: A Versatile Jungler in League of Legends

Kayn is considered one of the top solo queue junglers in League of Legends. His ability to adapt his playstyle based on the game situation makes him a versatile pick for any team.

There are two forms of Kayn that players can choose from, each with a different playstyle. The Rhaast form is often picked as a bruiser, focusing on being a strong frontline for the team and providing crowd control. On the other hand, the Shadow Assassin form is more commonly chosen in solo queue because it allows players to quickly maneuver in and out of teamfights, easily taking down squishy champions. While both forms are viable, choosing the Shadow Assassin form gives players a better chance of taking over the game individually.

Countering Kayn in the Jungle

While Kayn has the potential to reach his improved forms early in the game, he does have some weaknesses that can be exploited. Here are a few of the best counter picks to shut down Kayn in the jungle.

General Strategy

Kayn relies heavily on ganking, making it easier to predict his movements on the map. With the following champions, players can invade his jungle or prepare counter ganks to prevent him from reaching his forms, significantly reducing his impact in the game. It’s crucial to ward jungle entrances and key points around the river to set up counter ganks, especially since Kayn can use his Shadow Step ability to gank from unexpected angles.

Udyr: The Menace of the Rift

Udyr has been dominating solo queue in recent patches and poses a great threat to Kayn. With his multiple forms and tankiness, Udyr can withstand both Rhaast and Shadow Assassin forms, while also out-farming Kayn. Counter ganking and invading Kayn’s jungle can set him far behind, especially if players secure kills and deny him gold and experience. Prioritizing early objectives and maintaining control of river entrances counters Kayn’s gank-heavy playstyle.

Kha’Zix: The Predator

Kha’Zix has a more aggressive playstyle than Udyr and focuses on invading the opposing jungler’s territory. By constantly stealing Kayn’s jungle camps, Kha’Zix can set him behind and force him to scavenge for experience and gold from his laners. Early Lethality items and an Oracle Lens can help Kha’Zix assassinate Kayn and predict his movements. Warding the opposing jungle and predicting when Kayn is ready to gank can lead to successful one-vs-one encounters and easy kills.

Fiddlesticks: The AP Counter

Fiddlesticks is a great AP champion to counter Kayn’s ganking-heavy playstyle. With crowd control and damage in his kit, Fiddlesticks can punish Kayn in duels and contribute to teamfights in the later stages of the game. By farming up early and predicting Kayn’s movements, Fiddlesticks can assist his team and set Kayn far behind. The Zhonya’s Hourglass item provides survivability against Kayn’s burst damage, while his ultimate ability can turn the tides in teamfights.

When facing Kayn, there are several items that can help players counter his strengths and minimize his impact:

  • Plated Steelcaps: These boots provide armor and reduce auto-attack damage received, making them a great option against Kayn’s pressure.
  • Bramble Vest: This item inflicts damage and applies a healing debuff, countering Kayn’s sustain. It is especially useful against Rhaast form Kayn with Conqueror.
  • Sunfire Aegis: This Mythic tank item allows players to deal significant damage and shut down Kayn’s attempts to get close. It’s particularly effective against both Rhaast and Shadow Assassin forms.
  • Goredrinker: As a Mythic bruiser item, Goredrinker allows players to regain missing health, providing an advantage in trades against Kayn. Players can bait Kayn into unfavorable trades and turn the fight with Goredrinker’s healing effect.
  • Zhonya’s Hourglass: This item is ideal for ability power junglers, providing survivability against Kayn’s burst damage and allowing for outplays. The additional stats make it a valuable investment.
  • Morellonomicon: AP junglers should consider building this item if facing Rhaast form Kayn. It provides Grievous Wounds, reducing Kayn’s healing and allowing players to take him down more easily.

By using these counter picks, strategies, and recommended items, players can effectively shut down Kayn in the jungle and secure an advantage for their team.

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