Top farming spots for Sweet Flowers in Genshin Impact

Best Locations to Farm Sweet Flowers in Genshin Impact

If you are looking to gather Sweet Flowers in Genshin Impact, we’ve got you covered! In this guide, we will show you the best locations to easily farm Sweet Flowers. These beautiful blossoms are not only visually pleasing but also have various uses in the game, including cooking and character ascension. So, let’s dive in and explore the best spots to find them!


Springvale is the perfect place to start your Sweet Flower journey. You can find an abundant amount of these flowers just by exploring around the village. Take a stroll through the streets and keep an eye out for any bright yellow blossoms. You won’t have to wander too far to collect a decent number of Sweet Flowers here.

Stormbearer Mountains

Venturing into the picturesque Stormbearer Mountains will lead you to another fantastic spot for Sweet Flower farming. As you climb and explore the stunning landscape, be on the lookout for vibrant clusters of Sweet Flowers. These mountains are full of them, and you can gather a bountiful supply in no time.

Cider Lake

Head over to Cider Lake for even more Sweet Flower abundance. You’ll find these pleasant blooms dotting the area near the lake’s banks. Take a leisurely walk around and enjoy the view while collecting a considerable amount of Sweet Flowers. This location offers a relaxed and enjoyable farming experience.


Lastly, visit the mesmerizing city of Windrise for another reliable Sweet Flower gathering spot. Explore the city’s surroundings, particularly the cliffside areas, where you can find an array of Sweet Flowers. Don’t forget to climb up the hills and search for hidden treasures along the way!

By utilizing these four locations, Springvale, Stormbearer Mountains, Cider Lake, and Windrise, you’ll have no trouble amassing a substantial stock of Sweet Flowers in Genshin Impact. So, grab your gathering tools and embark on this delightful adventure to make the most out of these beautiful blossoms!

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