Top Esports dominate JD Gaming in LPL’s Week 2 of 2020 Summer Split.

Top Esports Defeat JD Gaming in Clean 2-0 Series

In an impressive display, Top Esports (TES) emerged victorious with a clean 2-0 series win against LPL Spring Split champions, JD Gaming. The MVP votes for the series went to TES top laner Bai “369” Jia-Hao and bottom laner JackeyLove, for their outstanding performances on Kayle and Ezreal, respectively.

Game 1: The 369 Show

TES strategically picked Kayle as a counter to JDG’s Ornn. 369 played safely in the early game, but once he reached level six and acquired his Gunblade power spike, he dominated the lane. This allowed his team to focus on funneling resources into the bottom lane and dragon pit, ultimately securing the victory.

Game 2: JackeyLove Takes Control

Although JDG initially gained an early lead, JackeyLove quickly amassed a couple of kills and took control of the game with his fed Ezreal. JDG had no answer to his dominance, leading to their defeat as TES claimed another victory.

With consistent strong performances over the past few years, TES has consistently finished in the top three during regular seasons and playoffs. Their recent success at the Mid-Season Cup positions them for a potential LPL championship title.

TES’ upcoming matches next week are against weaker teams, OMG and LGD, both considered bottom-of-the-barrel teams. Fans can tune in to the official Riot Games LPL channel on Twitch to watch these matches.

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