Top Counters for Zoe in League of Legends

Zoe can be a frustrating champion to face in the mid lane. She has high burst and area-of-effect damage that can delete entire teams. While she can go up against most compositions in the later stages of the draft, she does have weaknesses that can be exploited. Here are some counter picks to beat Zoe in the mid lane.

## General tactic

Zoe excels at clearing waves and poking enemies down heavily during the laning phase with her Paddle Star! (Q). One way to counter her is to avoid clumping up next to your minions, so she can’t wave clear and poke you down at the same time. Another annoying part of Zoe’s kit is her Spell Thief (W), which allows her to pick up summoner spells and items. Engaging her before she can grab a free item or spell can prevent her from poking you down with her passive.

Zoe’s only crowd control ability is Sleepy Trouble Bubble (E), which can travel through walls. Avoiding this ability and the zone it creates will keep you safe most of the time.

## Champions

### Zed

Zed is one of the best counters to Zoe due to her predictable movement pattern. You can abuse this by poking her down every time she attempts something in lane. Once you get a couple of levels and poke Zoe down, you can finish her off in melee range with your passive and ignite. Use your Living Shadow (W) to predict her movement when she tries to clear waves with her Paddle Star ability. If you set Zoe behind early on and force her into defensive items, you’ll be free to roam and make plays in other lanes.

### Syndra

Syndra is a safer counter pick to Zoe because she can poke her down without taking risks. During the laning phase, use your Dark Sphere (Q) to poke Zoe while last-hitting minions. Try to land Scatter of the Weak (E) after Zoe uses her Paddle Star ability to unleash your entire kit damage. By keeping control over your spheres, you can repeat this combo. At level six, you can easily kill Zoe with your ultimate. Be cautious of her Paddle Star and Sleepy Trouble Bubble when making plays.

### Galio

Galio is a more defensive champion to counter Zoe with. You can easily survive the laning phase and poke Zoe down. Use your abilities to set up ganks and roam across the map. In the later stages of the game, you can front line for your team and soak up damage. Aim your Q at Zoe’s teleportation or landing spot to force her to play more defensively.

## Items

Some recommended items when facing Zoe are Mercury’s Treads for magic resist and reduced crowd control, Quicksilver Sash to cleanse her crowd control, Verdant Barrier for early magic resist, and Hexdrinker for magic resistance and a shield to protect you from Zoe’s burst.

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