Top 5 Strongest Early Game Junglers in League of Legends

Top 5 Early Game Junglers in League of Legends

Winning a game of League of Legends has many strategies, but the Jungle role gives you the most impact on the entire map. That’s why the Jungle position is considered the best for climbing ranks. In this article, we will focus on early game Junglers who dominate the game from the start. Mastering an early game Jungler is the fastest way to increase your MMR. It requires game sense, tracking the enemy Jungler, and knowing when to invade their Jungle. Let’s dive into the list of the best early game Junglers!

5. Graves

Graves is known for his fast clear and high damage. His E ability gives him an escape option, making him great at invading the enemy Jungle. His early-game ganks are terrifying, especially when he has Red Buff or a teammate with a stun. Mastering his E ability and utilizing True Grit stacks for bonus armor are the keys to success with Graves. However, his ganks are weaker compared to other early game Junglers without Red Buff or a teammate stun.

4. Xin Zhao

Xin Zhao

Xin Zhao is a versatile early game Jungler who excels in skirmishes. He becomes powerful at level 3 and is great at ganking. With his Q ability as an auto-reset, he can deal a lot of damage. Timing his E ability is crucial to catch enemies after they use their escape or Flash. Xin Zhao’s W ability can be used for extra damage. Overall, he is a strong early game duelist and a great Jungler to dominate the early game.

3. Warwick


Warwick is a simple champion but excels in 1v1 situations. His passive healing, Q damage and heal, and W attack speed give him great sustain. This allows him to invade the enemy Jungle frequently and win duels. Timing his Q and E abilities, as well as utilizing his ult effectively, are key to mastering Warwick. However, he lacks flexibility and falls off later in the game if not fed.

2. Lee Sin

Lee Sin

Lee Sin is a versatile and high-skill-cap champion. He shines in the early and mid-game with his ward hopping and high damage. Landing his Q ability is crucial for successful ganks. Utilizing his R and Q combo or R first followed by Q can guarantee maximum damage output. Lee Sin requires time to master, but a skilled Lee Sin player can dominate the early game and make impactful plays.

1. Shaco


Shaco is notorious for his early game dominance. His Q ability turns him invisible, which combined with Ignite makes him a formidable ganker and invader. His boxes help him clear camps quickly and provide map control. Shaco’s strength lies in constantly picking off enemies and demoralizing the enemy team. However, his performance heavily relies on maintaining momentum. A skilled Shaco player can set up a game for success if played correctly.

Remember to find a balance between ganking, invading, and farming as an early game Jungler. It’s important not to get caught while invading and not to neglect farming. Finding this balance is challenging but vital for climbing ranks. Good luck dominating the game with these early game Junglers!

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