TNC Gaming secures first spot in International regional qualifiers

TNC Gaming Secures Spot at The International 7

TNC Gaming has successfully qualified for The International 7 after an impressive performance in the Southeast Asian regional qualifiers. With only one loss out of nine games in the group stage, TNC automatically secured their spot in the main event in Seattle later this year.

Remaining Slots and Filipino Rosters

With TNC out of the qualifiers, four teams – Fnatic, Execration, Mineski, and Clutch Gamers – will now compete for the remaining two slots at The International 7. This means there is a possibility of three majority Filipino rosters making it to the main event.

Surprise Exit for Team Faceless

While TNC’s success was notable, one of the biggest surprises in the Southeast Asian qualifiers was the early elimination of Team Faceless in the group stage. Despite five victories and four losses, the team failed to advance to the playoffs, marking the first time they will miss a Valve-sponsored event. Faceless had previously represented the region in both the Boston and Kiev Major.

The Rise of Southeast Asia

This outcome suggests that the rest of Southeast Asia has surpassed Team Faceless in recent months. The playoffs still feature top teams like Fnatic, as well as newer teams such as the Filipino Clutch Gamers roster.

Upcoming Conclusion

The regional playoffs will conclude on June 29th, with the remaining teams in the Southeast qualifiers having two more days to fight for the final two spots.

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