Timado, KheZu, and canceL join forces to create a quirky new team after leaving Planet Odd

Multinational Team Emerges After Post-TI7 Roster Shuffle

A new team has formed from the remnants of former squads in the aftermath of TI7.

Aliwi “w33” Omar, formerly of Planet Odd, has joined forces with his teammate Martin “Saksa” Sazdov and three other players who recently left their teams.

A Promising Lineup Takes Shape

To complete the roster, w33 and Saksa have recruited Peruvian star Enzo “Timado” Gianoli, previously of Infamous; Romanian midlaner Mihai “canceL” Antonio, formerly of CompLexity Gaming; and German offlaner Maurice “KheZu” Guttmann, who previously played for Team Secret.

The announcement comes several weeks after the dissolution of Planet Odd, who failed to qualify for The International 7 through the North American qualifiers. With all former members of the team expected to find new homes, w33 and Saksa wasted no time in forming a new squad.

Timado’s Next Move Sparks Interest

Timado’s departure from Infamous created a buzz of speculation about his next destination. At such a young age, his potential for growth and improvement makes him an intriguing player to watch.

CanceL will be taking up the mid lane, hoping to find success that eluded him with CompLexity. Despite his high MMR and participation in the TI7 NA qualifiers, his former team dropped out of the tournament. CanceL is waiting for his chance to shine.

KheZu’s Solid Performance and Expectations

KheZu, known for his expertise in the offlane role, was a key player for Team Secret. Although he didn’t secure a premier title with the team, his consistent performance helped them achieve top finishes in tournaments. Fans will likely rely on him to carry the new team to victory.

Aside from the talented players, w33’s transition to the utility support role is worth noting. Previously recognized as a skilled mid player, w33 is now embracing a different role within the team.

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