TI8 Team Spotlight: Evil Geniuses Making an Astonishing Comeback

Evil Geniuses Dota 2 Team: A Tale of Ups and Downs

This article profiles the Evil Geniuses Dota 2 team, one of the 18 teams participating in The International 8 starting on Aug. 15.

The Evil Geniuses Dota 2 team has always been a fan favorite since its establishment in 2011. Former players like Fear and ppd have contributed to their legendary status, earning them a legion of loyal supporters worldwide.

However, having passionate followers can also come with its challenges. The EG team has faced criticism from their fans, sometimes leading to disagreements between the players and their supporters. This was evident in a controversial tweet from mid laner SumaiL, who expressed frustration towards the team’s detractors and fans calling them weak and inconsistent.

The criticism directed towards EG is not unfounded, considering their recent performance. After being eliminated from The International 7 in the top 12, they struggled to achieve notable results. They managed a third-place finish at DreamLeague Season 8 but their performance elsewhere was underwhelming.

Changes in Roster

In an effort to turn their fortunes around, EG made two roster changes this season. UNiVeRsE was released and replaced by MiSeRy in December. SumaiL also transitioned to the offlane position, allowing Fear and Arteezy to be the primary cores. Cr1t stepped down as captain, passing the leadership to MiSeRy.

However, this experiment did not yield the desired results. Fear eventually retired, and MiSeRy was removed from the squad. To fill the void, EG made two major signings: s4 and Fly, who previously had their own challenges with their former team OG.

These roster changes resulted in EG being relegated to open qualifiers in their home region due to Valve’s rules on lineup changes. However, they managed to qualify for the main event, showing their determination to improve.

A Fresh Start

With the addition of s4 and Fly, EG participated in the China Supermajor with limited time to develop chemistry. As expected, their performance was modest, finishing in 12th place.

However, they have since focused on refining their strategies and teamwork. Their pre-TI8 bootcamp and performance at DOTA Summit 8 will be crucial in determining their potential going into the tournament.

EG possesses a talented and experienced lineup, with players who have achieved championship success. Their success at The International 8 will depend on their ability to work together and coordinate effectively.

Player to Watch: SumaiL

SumaiL is known for his explosive and aggressive playstyle, making him one of the most exciting players in Dota 2 history. His signature hero is Storm Spirit, and he has showcased his skills in numerous games.

Biggest Challenge: Chemistry

The biggest challenge for EG at TI8 will be developing chemistry with their newly added players, s4 and Fly. With no prior experience playing together, they will need to work hard during their bootcamp to find the right synergy.

Team Grade: C+

Considering the current circumstances, it is difficult to rate Evil Geniuses higher than a C+. However, their actual performance may change once the event begins. There are still some uncertainties that make it hard to consider them as favorites.

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