TI8 Team Profile: PaiN Gaming, Rising Stars from the Southern Region

Team Profile: PaiN Gaming

Brazilian squad PaiN Gaming is a prominent team in the South American Dota 2 scene. With several players boasting years of experience, one would expect them to be at the top. However, they have yet to secure a premier title, despite their knowledge and talent.

The Underdogs of South America

South America is considered the underdog among the six main regions in competitive Dota 2. Despite the region’s love for the game and the talent it has produced, no South American team has won a premier tournament in the game’s seven-year history.

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Unfortunately, South American teams have yet to reach their full potential. While PaiN Gaming has the opportunity to change this, absolute success has eluded them thus far. Can this lineup bring their home region into the promised land?

Flashes of Brilliance

Led by midlaner Aliwi “w33” Omar and team captain Danylo “Kingrd” Nascimento, PaiN Gaming achieved third place at ESL One Birmingham. This result helped them secure a spot on the Pro Circuit leaderboard. However, their path to success was challenging, with strong teams such as Mineski, Team Liquid, and Vici Gaming standing in their way.

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PaiN Gaming even eliminated Mineski, the winners of the Dota 2 Asia Championships, in the first round of bracket play. However, they were defeated in the semifinals by Virtus Pro, a formidable opponent. Despite this loss, their performance showed their true potential.

A Daunting Challenge

While their performance at ESL One Birmingham was impressive, PaiN Gaming will need more than one bright spot to succeed at The International 8. The invite system for the tournament rewards consistency, and PaiN Gaming has yet to inspire confidence with their overall performance. To make it past the group stages, they will have to dig deep and prove themselves.

Player to Watch: w33

One of the original Meepo gods, w33 has continued to impress since his time with Digital Chaos. Teams will need to beware of his skills with heroes like Windranger.

Biggest Challenge

As a team comprised mainly of players without premier event victories, PaiN Gaming’s roster is clearly less skilled compared to the rest of the field. A top eight finish is the best we can expect from them, with a top 12 finish being more realistic.

Team Grade

PaiN Gaming receives a C+ in our assessment. While their roster shows potential, their Pro Circuit performance has been lackluster.

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