TI8 Team Preview: Winstrike Team Reflects the Essence of the CIS Region

This article is the first in a series profiling the 18 teams competing in The International 8. It starts on Aug. 15.

Southeast Asia is known for its passionate Dota 2 fans and players, but let’s not forget about the CIS region’s love for the game. Russia, Ukraine, and neighboring countries are all enthusiastic about Dota 2, as seen in events like StarLadder and Epicenter.

Winstrike Team, formerly known as FlyToMoon, carries the same level of passion for the game.

Photo via [Epicenter](http://media.epicenter.gg/en/photos/1330/?id=76689)

Experienced and talented

This team consists of CIS veterans and up-and-coming stars who have the dedication and drive of champions. Earlier this year, their hard work paid off with a third-place finish at Epicenter XL.

They possess many qualities of a top-tier team, including experienced players, a standout star player in Bogdan “Iceberg” Vasylenko, and evident team chemistry developed throughout the Pro Circuit season. Despite having the right mix of players, their results have been subpar, excluding their bronze medal at Epicenter.

Despite their lackluster tournament performances, the Winstrike organization clearly sees potential in them, and we agree. This squad has the ability to become great, and The International 8 is the perfect opportunity for them to showcase their skills.

Player to keep an eye on

Iceberg is the driving force behind this team, known for becoming more aggressive and effective as opponents try to shut him down. While other players like Amer “Miracle-” Al-Barkawi may be renowned for their Invoker play, Iceberg is no slouch with the hero either.

Biggest challenge

Their lack of results during the Pro Circuit season raises doubts about their overall skill compared to other teams. However, they have shown moments of brilliance, and if they can tap into their hidden power, they may surprise us with several upsets.

Team grade

We give Winstrike Team a C+ for showing potential through their top three finish at a Major. But potential alone is not enough, especially at TI. They need to deliver something exceptional at the event itself.

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