TI8 Team Preview: Team Liquid, Poised to Create History

Team Liquid: The Kings of Dota 2

In preparation for The International 8, let’s take a closer look at the 18 teams in attendance. Today, we profile Team Liquid, the reigning champions who are ready to defend their title.

The Road to Victory

Before The International 7, Team Liquid faced challenges and disappointments. But, they found their stride midway through the season with key wins at StarLadder Season Two and Epicenter. These victories secured them a direct invite to the world championship.

In Seattle, Team Liquid showed their determination. Despite an early loss to Invictus Gaming, they fought their way through the lower bracket, defeating all their rivals. Their exceptional teamwork and individual skill led them to the grand finals.

The grand finals were a showcase of Team Liquid’s dominance. They swept Newbee in three consecutive games, leaving their opponents stunned and demoralized. It was a well-deserved victory for Team Liquid, solidifying their place in Dota 2 history.

Breaking the Curse

Team Liquid’s success at The International 7 shattered the curse that haunts past champions. It is believed that winning TI brings a decline in skill, consistency, or the inability to repeat the same accomplishment. However, Team Liquid proved this wrong.

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Immediately after TI7, Team Liquid focused on the next season. They won multiple tournaments, including StarLadder Season Three, AMD SAPPHIRE Dota PIT League, and the China Supermajor. Their consistent performance earned them the second-highest Pro Circuit points, showing their ability to avoid the champions’ curse.

Team Liquid is on the verge of a back-to-back championship, a feat not seen since TI3 Na’Vi. They refuse to become complacent and are determined to return to the grand finals.

Player to Watch: Miracle-

It’s difficult to highlight just one player on Team Liquid’s roster, as everyone is capable of carrying the team. However, Miracle- stands out with his exceptional skills. After dominating with his Invoker at TI7, he has solidified his position among the best Dota 2 players of all time.

Opponents fear Miracle-‘s control over Invoker. He has mastered the hero and poses a constant threat on the battlefield.

The Biggest Challenge

Team Liquid faces the immense pressure of defending their title and making Dota 2 history once again with a back-to-back championship.

Team Grade: A

Team Liquid deserves an A grade for their unwavering strength after winning The International 7. While they face tough competition from Virtus Pro, another triumph and claim to the Aegis of Champions are not far-fetched.

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