TI8 Team Preview: PSG-LGD, The Promised Ones

The Ancient Dragons of Dota

LGD Gaming, a prominent Chinese esports organization, has been a consistent presence at The International since 2012. They have achieved remarkable success in their journey, finishing in third place in their first appearance. Despite their impressive track record, LGD has yet to claim victory in the tournament.

Over the years, LGD has maintained a high level of consistency, cementing their position among the top Chinese Dota 2 teams. However, they have faced disappointment each time they encountered world-class opponents, never quite clinching the ultimate prize. Even in the previous year’s tournament, they fell short and finished in fourth place.

Now, once again, LGD finds themselves in a promising position to win it all. With recent victories at Epicenter XL and MDL Changsha Majors, LGD, now known as Paris St. Germain-LGD Gaming, is one of the favorites to win The International 8. The question remains: can they overcome the heartbreak of the past and emerge victorious this time?

Planetary Alignment

According to a long-standing superstition in the Dota 2 community, Chinese teams tend to dominate even-numbered iterations of The International. This trend has held true in the past, with the most recent even-numbered tournament won by a Chinese team. Despite this, LGD remains a strong contender at TI, based on their performance in the Pro Circuit.

LGD possesses one of the strongest rosters in the competition. With players like Ame, xNova, and the legendary fy, they have a wealth of talent and expertise on their side. Recent events have shown their dominance, and with their momentum building, they have the potential to be unstoppable. However, the burden of reaching the grand finals and securing the championship falls solely on their shoulders. They must break free from the “LGD Curse” that has haunted them in previous tournaments.

Player to Watch

Fy, also known as one of the best support players in Dota 2 history, is a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield. His Rubick play is legendary, captivating audiences with his flashy setups and daring escapes.

Biggest Challenge

LGD has a high chance of reaching at least the top three in the tournament. However, their greatest challenge lies in maintaining composure and momentum as they approach the final rounds. It is crucial for them to overcome this hurdle and secure a spot in the grand final match.

Team Grade

We give PSG-LGD an A- for this year’s International. Once again, they have a strong chance of claiming victory, but they must remain steadfast and banish the ghosts of the past to achieve their ultimate goal.

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