TI8 Prize Pool Reaches $10 Million in Just 12 Days of Crowdfunding

The International 2018 Prize Pool Hits $10 Million Milestone

The International, the annual Dota 2 world championship event, has once again broken its own record. In just 12 days of crowdfunding, the prize pool for TI8 has reached $10 million, four days earlier than the previous tournament. This puts TI8 ahead of last year’s prize pool by about 9.5% or $800,000.

The success of this year’s Battle Pass is a major contributor to the crowdfunding campaign. The Battle Pass, created by Valve for TI8, offers players various features and rewards like achievements, cosmetic items, and exclusive game modes. Each Battle Pass purchase contributes 25% of its price to the prize pool.

Mutation Mode Adds Excitement to Battle Pass

Mutation Mode is one of the key reasons for the Battle Pass’s success this year. It is a special matchmaking queue that applies various modifiers to each game. These modifiers range from mild to insane, with effects like dropping gold on death or causing friendly fire damage with abilities and items.

Area of effect spells and equipment can even cause a hero to accidentally kill themselves or their teammates. For example, using Earthshaker’s Echo Slam in a crowded area can result in fatal self-inflicted damage. Buying a Radiance when the Friendly Fire modifier is active can also harm both the player and their teammates.

Valve is known for surprising Battle Pass users with additional features and events. Last year, they introduced a sale on Battle Pass levels 50 days after the crowdfunding campaign started, causing a significant spike in the prize pool.

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