TI7 Team Preview: TNC, Philippine Kingslayers

Team Profile: TNC Pro Team Aims for Success at The International 7

TNC Pro Team, hailing from Southeast Asia, is ready to make their mark at The International 7. With their aggressive playstyle and fast-paced gameplay, they are sure to captivate audiences in Seattle.

Last Year’s Success: TNC’s Journey to Top 8

TNC Pro Team made their debut at The International 6, surprising everyone with their performance. As underdogs, they defeated defending champions OG and secured a top 8 finish. This victory showcased their capability to compete against the best teams in the world.

Fearless Leadership: Theeban “1437” Siva

With team captain Theeban “1437” Siva leading the way, TNC Pro Team has found their guiding force. His strategic expertise allows star players like Carlo “Kuku” Palad to focus on their mechanics and movement. TNC’s support player Timothy “Tims” Randrup is also a force to be reckoned with, especially when playing Earth Spirit.

Championship Contenders

TNC Pro Team possesses the raw talent and experienced leadership necessary to make a deep run at The International 7. While they face pressure and nerves, their previous experience at the tournament will help them overcome these challenges. Although they are not on the same level as the direct invite teams, they have the potential for a strong performance.

Player to Watch: Kuku

Mid player Kuku is known for his flashy plays and daring hero choices. The team relies on him as their primary carry, with the support players creating space for him. Keep an eye out for his signature heroes like Huskar and Windranger.

Biggest Challenge: Overcoming Nerves

As a middle-ground team among the giants at The International 7, TNC Pro Team must overcome nerves and perform under pressure. However, their previous TI experience will aid them in steeling themselves for the competition.

Team Grade: B

In our assessment, TNC Pro Team receives a B grade. While they may not match the strength of the direct invite teams, their combination of talent and experienced leadership gives them a realistic chance for a successful run.

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