TI7 Team Preview: Team Liquid Starts Strong

Team Liquid: A Top Contender at The International 7

The European Dota scene is known for its competitiveness and talent. Among the best European teams is Team Liquid, captained by Kuro “KuroKy” Salehi Takhasomi. With four premier event trophies in the past year, Team Liquid has proven themselves to be a powerful force in professional Dota.

After successfully defending their Epicenter title, Team Liquid earned an invitation to The International 7. Their consistency and skill throughout the first half of 2017 ensured their place in the tournament. Now, they are gearing up to face their rivals and make their mark in Seattle.

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Team Liquid competed in last year’s International, but they didn’t meet their expected performance. However, they have since made significant changes to their roster and achieved great success. Winning three consecutive championships in the months leading up to TI7, Team Liquid is ready to showcase their talent once again.

Masterful orchestra, superb conductor

Team Liquid boasts a roster filled with skilled players. Although they may not be on the same level as OG or EG, they have the talent to compete at The International. With players like Miracle- and MATUMBAMAN, Team Liquid has the firepower to make a deep run in the tournament. And with KuroKy’s leadership, expect them to reach their full potential.

Weight of the world

Team Liquid enters TI7 with momentum and high expectations. As one of the top contenders, they have the potential to win it all. However, they must maintain their consistency and overcome their past struggles in Valve events. Can Team Liquid break their curse and claim victory in Seattle?

Player to watch

Miracle-, with his exceptional skills and experience, is a key player to watch on Team Liquid. He has consistently performed at a high level and can make a difference in even the toughest situations.

Biggest challenge

Ironically, Team Liquid’s biggest hurdle may be themselves. They have had a history of losing to teams they were expected to beat. To succeed at TI7, they need to overcome this challenge and avoid any past mistakes.

Team grade

Team Liquid receives an A- grade from us as one of the top teams invited to TI7. With talented players and an experienced captain, they have the potential for success. However, their past failures in Valve events leave some doubts. Only time will tell if they can rise to the occasion and claim victory at The International 7.

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