The Top 10 Ganking Junglers in League of Legends

The role of a Jungler in League of Legends is crucial, especially when it comes to successfully ganking lanes. Ganking is an essential task for the best ganking Junglers as it helps them complete their builds and provide a significant advantage to their teammates in the lane. However, being a great Jungler involves more than just ganking. Junglers also need to focus on clearing camps, controlling vision, and securing objectives like Drakes, Barons, and The Rift Herald. In this article, we will explore the best ganking Junglers who excel in this aspect of the game.

10. Hecarim

Hecarim was once a knight from the Blessed Isles who transformed into a fusion of man and beast upon entering the Shadow Isles. As a Jungler, Hecarim relies on his incredible speed to engage and attack enemy champions. His E ability grants him bonus speed, allowing him to charge into lanes and surprise enemies, even if the bushes are warded. Hecarim also has a lot of crowd control abilities, including an ultimate move that can fear enemies, preventing them from fighting back.

9. Kayn

Kayn is a formidable fighter from Ionia who seeks to establish Ionian supremacy. He has the ability to transform into either Assassin Kayn or Darkin Blade Kayn, depending on the situation. Both versions of Kayn are highly effective in controlling the game. Kayn’s W ability is particularly useful, with the blue version dealing damage and slowing enemies, while the red version knocks them up. Additionally, Kayn can move through terrain and surprise attack enemies, making him a versatile ganking Jungler.

8. Rammus

Rammus is the perfect combination of a tank and a ganking Jungler. His ability to build up armor allows him to engage enemies comfortably, even under turrets. Rammus can surprise enemies by activating his Q ability to roll quickly into lanes. His W ability allows him to deflect damage back to whoever targets him, making him a formidable opponent. Rammus can also jump on enemies with his ultimate move, making him one of the easiest Junglers to master.

7. Nocturne

Nocturne is a dark demonic shadow who preys on the nightmares of the living. His abilities allow him to get close to enemies and eliminate them quickly. Nocturne can use his ultimate ability, Paranoia, to dash directly to a target’s location, limiting the sight of all enemy champions. This makes it difficult for enemies to anticipate his ganks. Nocturne also has crowd control abilities, such as his E ability to fear enemies and his W ability to gain a spell shield.

6. Shaco

Shaco is an assassin who excels at roaming the map and surprising his targets. His Q ability allows him to become invisible, allowing him to position himself perfectly for backstabbing. Shaco’s Jack in the Box traps can fear enemies and provide additional crowd control. His Q + W + E combo can quickly drain the enemy’s health. Shaco can also create a clone of himself with his ultimate move, confusing enemies and allowing him to escape dangerous situations.

5. Zac

Zac is a tank Jungler who can engage enemies from unexpected locations. His ability to catapult himself allows him to surprise enemies and secure kills. Zac’s Q ability can slam enemies together, while his ultimate move, “Let’s Bounce,” knocks up enemies. Zac’s passive ability enables him to divide into bloblets, allowing him to recombine and stay alive during fights.

4. Evelynn

Evelynn is a stealthy assassin who takes pleasure in torturing her enemies. Her passive ability allows her to roam the map undetected, protecting her from danger. Evelynn can surprise enemies by using her W ability to charm them, followed by her E ability to deal increased magic damage. Her Q ability can also be used multiple times to deal damage. Evelynn’s ultimate ability allows her to scratch enemies with magic damage and blink to a safe location when in danger.

3. Nunu & Willump

Nunu & Willump form a powerful duo that excels in ganking. They can use their W ability to roll a giant Snowball, gaining bonus movement speed and stunning and knocking up enemies. Nunu can also throw snowballs and root enemies, while Willump can bite enemies to regain health. Their ultimate move creates a blizzard that slows enemies and deals damage, providing significant crowd control.

2. Fiddlesticks

Fiddlesticks is the ultimate crowd control Jungler. He can fear and silence enemies, making it almost impossible for them to escape. Fiddlesticks can use his Q ability to fear enemies, followed by his E ability to damage and silence them. His ultimate ability allows him to blink to enemies and fear them, while his W ability drains enemies’ health and heals him.

1. Amumu

Amumu is the ultimate tank and ganking Jungler. He can pull enemies with his Q ability, stunning them in the process. His passive ability curses enemies, causing any ability power damage dealt to also deal actual damage. Amumu’s ultimate move can lock down multiple enemy champions, making him incredibly effective in team fights.

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