The playoffs are ready at the I Can’t Believe It’s Not Summit

Recap: I Can’t Believe It’s Not Summit Group Stage

The group stage of the substitute event, I Can’t Believe It’s Not Summit, has concluded after several days of exciting competition.

To fill the void left by the postponed DotaSummit 10, six teams came together to compete in this online event, providing a thrilling end to the competitive Dota 2 year for 2018.

Due to the online nature of the event, the casting and replays had a more casual feel, creating a comfortable environment reminiscent of friends playing together on a couch.

Throughout the group stage, three teams stood out and made their mark in the competition.

NoPangolier Takes the Lead

The first team to make a strong impression in the tournament was NoPangolier. They started the first day with two sweeps against Alliance and Happy Guys, putting them in first place heading into the second day of matches.

On day two, they split the series against second-place TSpirit but maintained their top seed by defeating Team Empire Hope 2-0. With a record of 7-1 and only one match left, NoPangolier secured their first-place spot.

TSpirit Holds Steady

TSpirit also had an impressive showing in the group stage. They started the tournament by sweeping Vega and splitting a tough series against Empire, earning themselves the second seed for the second day.

Although they split a series against NoPangolier on their third day, TSpirit held onto their second-place spot with a record of 5-3.

However, Alliance’s strong performance on the last day forced TSpirit into a tiebreaker, which they ultimately lost, resulting in a third-place finish.

Playoff Bracket and Prize

The upper bracket of the playoffs will feature NoPangolier and TSpirit, while Alliance took the third seed and joined Empire, Vega, and HG in the lower bracket.

The playoffs will run through December 16, and the winner will receive an undisclosed prize.

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