The much-anticipated arrival of the Pudge arcana is finally here, and it appears to be incredibly powerful.

Introducing the New Pudge Arcana Bundle

The Butcher is back, and this time he’s armed with a deadly new set of tools. Valve has just released the Feast of Abscession bundle, the official Arcana-quality item set for Pudge, the Butcher. Pudge emerged as the winner of the Arcana Vote at last year’s International, narrowly beating out his rival Rubick, the Grand Magus, by a slim margin of 8,711 votes.

The centerpiece of the bundle is the Feast of Abscession itself, which gives Pudge a pair of menacing chains with scythes attached to each end. These chains glow in a demonic red color, adding to the sinister aura of Pudge’s appearance.

In addition to the chains, the bundle also features organic material covering the left side of Pudge’s face and his belly. This material also glows, suggesting that the item may be a living, parasitic creature or a symbiote similar to the one in Spider-Man.

As with all Arcana items, the Feast of Abscession comes with a range of special effects. For example, Pudge’s Meat Hook ability now displays a counter for consecutive hooks landed, adding to the excitement of fishing for enemy heroes. His ultimate ability, Dismember, also receives visual changes depending on the type of hero being bitten into.

The Arcana also includes various smaller effects, sound bites, and animations. Additionally, players have the opportunity to unlock a second alternate form by winning 12 games against an opposing Rubick. For a closer look at these features, be sure to check out the Feast of Abscession web page.

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