The Lengthy Dota 2 Match Achieved an Astounding Record

Dota 2 Players Set Record for Longest Game in History

In a match that lasted an incredible five hours, two teams in Dota 2 made history by playing the longest game ever recorded. This feat was documented in the Dota 2 match database Dotabuff.

This record-breaking game was not an easy experience for the players involved. The presence of the Techies and Sniper heroes, known for their ability to prolong matches, made it one of the most challenging and potentially frustrating games.

Adding to the frustration, the Radiant side had to endure continuous trash talk throughout the ordeal, as evident from the chat log of the game.

Throughout the 309-minute game, both teams accumulated a total of 494 kills. The Radiant’s Invoker player had the most kills in the entire game with 115, closely followed by the Dire side’s Legion Commander with 105 kills and an impressive 4,638 bonus damage from winning numerous duels. These statistics highlight the exceptional nature of this game.

The dedication displayed by the nine players who stayed until the end of the game, enduring hours of play, should be commended. Their commitment to a single game of Dota 2 on a Sunday is both ridiculous and admirable.

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