The Kuala Lumpur Major: Final Eight Teams Determined

Four Teams Eliminated from Kuala Lumpur Major as Top Eight is Finalized

The fifth day of the Kuala Lumpur Major saw four teams eliminated as the competition narrowed down to the top eight. One of the surprising matchups was between Alliance and TNC Predator. Despite Alliance having a strong tournament record, TNC Predator took the lead early on. However, Alliance couldn’t maintain their competitive foothold and TNC Predator swept the series with a 2-0 victory.

In the second series of the day, paiN X faced off against Vici Gaming. Despite paiN X’s efforts, Vici Gaming took control and dominated the lanes. While paiN X put up a fight in the second game, Vici Gaming secured their spot in the next round with a decisive victory.

The third series of the day between Fnatic and J Storm went to three games. Fnatic, coming off a loss against Virtus Pro, struggled in the first game against J Storm. However, Fnatic rallied in the second game and emerged victorious. In the final game, Fnatic took an early lead and shut down J Storm’s attempts to turn the tides.

The final match of the day was between Evil Geniuses and Forward Gaming. Evil Geniuses won the first game, but Forward Gaming came back strong in the second game. However, Evil Geniuses ultimately outplayed Forward Gaming in the decisive third game.

With the top eight teams determined, the competition will only get more intense from here.

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