The International 7’s post-game content is incredibly strange

The International, a renowned esports event, surprised viewers with unexpected elements like live animals, time travel, and bearded women.

The event began with a captivating video featuring the hosts, Kaci Atchison and Jake “SirActionSlacks” Kanner, who found themselves trapped within the game. Valve CEO Gabe Newell also made a cameo appearance in the video.

After returning to reality, the hosts appeared on stage at Key Arena dressed as Dota 2 heroes Omniknight and Crystal Maiden. They were accompanied by a live donkey dressed as a courier with pilot goggles and miniature wings. This unique setup set the tone for The International.

During the opening day of The International 7 playoffs, the content shown between games was created by the attending panelists and commentators. It played on community memes and inside jokes among personalities. The analyst desk members even found themselves in interesting situations, including time travel and a Scorsese-esque interrogation.

While this may not be the usual experience for Dota 2 enthusiasts, fans of SirActionSlacks are familiar with his outrageous and bizarre comedy. His performances at events like DreamLeague have prepared audiences for his off-the-wall brand of humor. Witnessing his antics on the biggest stage of competitive Dota 2 is both unsettling and incredibly entertaining.

The International has already set a high standard for weirdness, and it remains to be seen if the upcoming days will surpass it.

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