The Future of CJ Entus

League of Legends is a ever-changing game, and this means that teams need to constantly adapt to stay on top. CJ Entus, with its two teams Blaze and Frost, has been a popular and successful organization in the past. However, both teams are currently in a slump, struggling to perform well in recent tournaments. Despite this, CJ Entus has a unique challenge ahead with the proposed rule change to OGN’s two-team policy. This change would require organizations to sponsor only one team, which poses the question of how CJ can maintain popular players while also being competitive.

Blaze has been the better team in recent years, but they have still not performed to their full potential. They have exited tournaments in the Ro8 stage and failed to make it to playoffs. Frost, on the other hand, has also had a disappointing performance, finishing in the Ro8 and failing to qualify for playoffs. Overall, CJ as an organization has been on a downward trend, and changes need to be made.

The current assets that CJ possesses include Flame, Shy, Madlife, Emperor, and CoCo. However, there are several players who are not performing well and should be replaced. Ambition and Space have not been living up to expectations and should be replaced with better players. The X-Factor in CJ’s decision-making process is the jungle role. It remains to be seen whether CJ will retain Daydream or look for a new jungler. There is an abundance of talent available, and CJ has the opportunity to strengthen their roster with top-tier players.

In a perfect world, CJ’s ideal lineup would consist of Flame, Spirit, CoCo, Madlife, and Emperor. This team would have the potential to be very strong, with Spirit’s focus on the solo lanes and Madlife’s unparalleled lane presence. The removal of underperforming players and the addition of strong new talent could greatly improve CJ’s chances of success in future tournaments.

Overall, the rule change to OGN’s two-team policy could be a positive change for CJ Entus. It would force them to consolidate their talent onto one squad and make tough decisions to improve their chances of winning tournaments. CJ’s sentimentality toward their players has been their downfall in the past, and this reshuffle could be just what they need to turn things around.

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