The finals of DreamLeague Season 10 are confirmed.

Dota 2 DreamLeague Season 10: Na’Vi and Tigers Secure Spots in Grand Finals

The DreamLeague Season 10 Dota 2 tournament is heating up as two more teams have been eliminated, bringing us closer to the grand finals. Natus Vincere (Na’Vi) and Tigers emerged as the top contenders after some intense matches.

Na’Vi Dominates Infamous

The day kicked off with an elimination game between Na’Vi and Infamous. From the start, Na’Vi took control of the game, dominating early fights and easily countering Infamous. The match was completely one-sided, with Infamous only having one opportunity to turn things around in the late game, but they couldn’t capitalize on it. Na’Vi emerged victorious with 36 kills in the 32-minute match, eliminating Infamous and advancing to the lower bracket finals.

Tigers Triumphs Over Royal Never Give Up

The upper bracket match between Tigers and Royal Never Give Up was a close battle. Royal had a strong start in the first game, punishing Tigers’ mistakes with their powerful offense. However, as the match progressed, Royal made miscalculations, allowing Tigers to mount a comeback and secure the win. In the second game, Royal’s defense held strong, extending the match to 60 minutes. Tigers ultimately triumphed, securing their spot in the grand finals and sending Royal to the lower bracket finals.

Royal Falls to Na’Vi

Royal had one last chance to make it to the championship by facing Na’Vi in the lower bracket finals. The first match was highly competitive, lasting 50 minutes, with both teams close in every category. Na’Vi came out on top, ending Royal’s hopes of reaching the grand finals. The second game was a complete domination by Na’Vi, who controlled the tempo from the start and secured their spot in the grand finals with 35 kills.

The DreamLeague Season 10 grand finals will see Na’Vi face off against Tigers for the ultimate title.

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