The Exciting Release of “The Promise of Eminent Revival” for TI8 Battle Pass Owners

The Promise of Eminent Revival cosmetic loot box is now available for owners of the 2018 International Battle Pass in Dota 2, as promised by Valve.

The news was announced by Valve last night on the official Dota 2 blog. Unlike other loot boxes, the Promise of Eminent Revival immediately grants five items upon opening, eliminating the need for luck.

The package contains cosmetic items of Immortal-quality from previous iterations of The International, serving as a nostalgic nod to the tournament’s history. These items have two styles, one mirroring the subterranean visual theme of TI8 and the other an upgraded look.

To receive the Promise of Eminent Revival, Battle Pass owners must reach Level 615, which involves investing up to $260 in additional Battle Levels. This means that casual players may not be able to obtain it easily.

The Promise of Eminent Revival may encourage high-level Battle Pass owners to invest further, potentially breaking the previous record for the TI8 prize pool.

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