Team Spirit emerges victorious in the astonishing I Can’t Believe It’s Not Summit event

Upset at I Can’t Believe It’s Not Summit: Team Spirit Takes the Crown

After three days of intense group stage matches, the playoffs at I Can’t Believe It’s Not Summit delivered a major upset. NoPangolier, the top-seeded team, seemed invincible after dominating the previous stage. However, Team Spirit had already defeated them once and they were ready to do it again in the winners bracket. Surprisingly, Team Spirit not only swept their opponents, but they also made game two look effortless.

Spirit’s dominant performance secured their place in the finals, defeating the former favorites in just 29 minutes. This was the first time that NoPangolier lost an entire series since the event began.

In the lower bracket, Alliance faced off against Happy Guys and emerged victorious with a 2-0 score. On the other hand, Team Empire Hope had a tough time against Vega Squadron. Despite Vega’s struggles in the group stage, they managed to bounce back in game two, completely overwhelming Empire with a kill-death ratio of 35 to 8. However, Empire managed to turn the tables in the deciding match, taking control of the field and securing the win.

In the losers bracket finals, Alliance and Empire battled it out. Empire initially held an advantage and executed their strategy perfectly, winning game one. Although Alliance won an odd match during the second matchup, they fell short in most aspects during game two. However, a late push gave them the advantage in terms of map control, leading to an even series. In the end, Empire took advantage of Alliance’s openings and emerged victorious, advancing to the next round.

In a rematch of the winners finals, NoPangolier faced Empire in the losers finals. NoPangolier systematically dismantled Empire, winning both games convincingly. The rematch was set in less than an hour, but Spirit didn’t seem prepared for it at all.

NoPangolier dominated the grand finals, winning both game one and game two convincingly. It seemed like Spirit had no chance of turning the tide. However, Spirit showed signs of life after the first teamfight, bursting through their opponent’s defense and winning game three. The series became even at 2-2, setting the stage for an intense game five. In the end, Spirit capitalized on every advantage and secured a 3-2 series win, clinching the event championship.

In summary, I Can’t Believe It’s Not Summit delivered surprising upsets and thrilling matches. Team Spirit emerged as the champions, stunning the crowd with their dominating performance.

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