Team Secret advances to the grand finals of the Kuala Lumpur Major

Kuala Lumpur Major Narrows Down to Semifinals

The Kuala Lumpur Major is nearing its conclusion, with only four teams left in the competition. After a series of quick sweeps, TNC Predators and LGD Gaming bowed out in the lower bracket.

TNC Predators Eliminated by Ninjas in Pyjamas

TNC’s fairy tale run came to an end against Ninjas in Pyjamas. NiP, who were pushed into the lower bracket by Virtus Pro, dominated the series and secured a convincing victory. TNC managed only 16 kills across both games, while their opponents racked up 65 kills.

Evil Geniuses Firmly in Control

Meanwhile, Evil Geniuses, who were sent to the lower bracket by NiP in the first round, took command of their matches. They easily dispatched LGD Gaming, showcasing their high-tempo offense. LGD tried to stage a comeback in the second game with a unique draft strategy, but EG’s superior execution proved too much for them.

Team Secret Sprints to Upper Bracket Finals

In the upper bracket, Team Secret faced off against Virtus Pro for a spot in the grand final. The series was highly competitive, but each match had a completely different tempo. Secret dominated the first game, shutting down VP’s momentum. VP fought back in the second game, evening the series at 1-1.

The deciding game between these Dota 2 powerhouses lasted almost as long as the first two combined. Secret came from behind to secure victory, outplaying VP in the late game.

Semifinals Set

With their win, Team Secret became the first team to reach the grand final. VP will now face EG in the semifinals after EG avenged their earlier loss to NiP.

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