Team Preview: Execration: Young Talent Hungry for Experience at TI7.

Execration: A New Lineup Ready to Take on TI7

When it comes to Southeast Asian Dota teams, roster stability is a rare sight. However, Execration has formed a new lineup with three players joining just last month. Despite the lack of preparation time, they secured their spot in Seattle through the TI7 SEA regional qualifiers.

For a team that hasn’t been in the spotlight for almost a year, this is a significant achievement. It proves that there are talented players in the SEA region who just need the right mix to succeed.

Starting from Scratch

Out of the five members of Execration, only team captain Kimuel “Leumik” Rodis has been with the team for more than a year. This means that the rest of the team will be working together as a new unit. While Leumik has experience in TI, the other players are new to the grand stage.

With the tournament just two months away, this lack of experience puts pressure on the team’s mental fortitude. Nerves will be a concern for all of them, but they will need to stay focused and composed to perform well.

Philippines’ Talented Players

Fortunately, Execration has incredibly talented players who can compensate for their lack of experience. Bimbo, known as one of the best players from the Philippines, brings his skills to the offlane for Execration. Nando, while not having the highest MMR, has remarkable Puck play that forces opposing teams to dedicate a ban slot.

Additionally, James has a mean Puck of his own, creating a dynamic similar to that of Evil Geniuses. RR’s Rubick play leaves spectators in awe and may catch the attention of video editors if he performs well at TI7.

The Challenge of Composure

The biggest challenge for Execration will be maintaining composure. With less than three months of playing time together and no previous experience at TI, they must prevent themselves from making impulsive decisions in high-pressure situations.

Player to Watch: Nando or RR

Watch out for Nando’s Puck if he manages to secure it, as his gameplay is truly impressive. If not, keep an eye on RR’s excellent support play.

Final Thoughts

While Execration has some of the best Filipino players, their lack of experience as a team and absence of TI experience is a cause for concern. With these factors in mind, we give them a modest C- grade.

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