Team Liquid’s strong performance in The Chongqing Major group stage

Liquid Dominates Group C at The Chongqing Major

The Chongqing Major’s Group C saw some unexpected changes in Team Liquid’s roster, but the team proved their dominance in the opening series against The Pango. Despite only having three days to integrate a stand-in player, Liquid came out on top with an impressive performance.

Liquid Overcomes Challenges to Secure Victory

Liquid faced difficulties in game two against The Pango, but managed to bounce back and secure a win in game three. They continued their winning streak against Vici Gaming, beating them in two matches. Liquid’s teamwork and strategic gameplay led them to a top spot in the main event.

Vici Gaming Emerges Victorious in Decider Match

Vici Gaming faced The Pango in the decider match and emerged victorious, securing the second seed in the upper bracket. The Chinese team’s strong performance couldn’t be matched by The Pango.

The main event of The Chongqing Major will begin on Jan. 20, with Liquid facing off against Team Secret in the upper bracket. Stay tuned for more intense esports action!

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