Team Liquid Withdraws from DreamLeague Season 10

Team Liquid Announces They Won’t Attend DreamLeague Season 10

Team Liquid has announced that they will not be participating in DreamLeague Season 10 due to health-related reasons. The team made the announcement on their official Twitter account, wishing good luck to the teams that will still be attending the event.

Liquid placed second in the European qualifiers for DreamLeague, narrowly missing out the top spot to The Final Tribe. Despite losing to MangoBay in the qualifiers, they managed to defeat both Team Lithium and MangoBay in the losers bracket to secure their spot in the tournament.

In light of Team Liquid’s withdrawal, Lithium, who finished third in the qualifiers, will take their place in the Minor, as confirmed by a tweet from the official DreamHack Dota 2 page.

While the specific details surrounding Liquid’s decision remain unknown, it is clear that health concerns were a contributing factor.

DreamLeague Season 10 will now feature compLexity Gaming, ROOONS, Infamous, The Final Tribe, Natus Vincere, Royal Never Give Up, Tigers, and Team Lithium.

As for the future of Liquid’s Dota 2 squad, their main roster is locked in for the upcoming 2018-19 season. This comes as no surprise, considering their consistent success since the team was formed.

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