Team Liquid starts their 2020 LCS Summer Split with a dominant victory against TSM

After rejoining TSM, Doublelift faced a tough loss against his former team, Team Liquid. Tactical, who filled in as the AD carry for Liquid, dominated the match. Doublelift had left Liquid after a disappointing finish in the spring and expressed his desire to “destroy” his old team. He joined TSM in April, hoping for success with his former teammates. However, TSM struggled on the opening day of the LCS Summer Split.

TSM’s bot lane picked Kalista and Taric, but failed to capitalize on their early CS lead. Instead, Tactical, the rookie ADC player for Liquid, shined on Aphelios. With a 7/0/6 performance, Tactical showed his skill and even secured two kills against his former teammate. With the help of veteran player CoreJJ on Bard, Tactical achieved “godlike” status in the game.

TSM’s disappointment continued with Spica’s lackluster performance on Kayn. As the team’s latest jungler, Spica struggled to make an impact until the twenty-three minute mark.

Liquid’s dominant performance resulted in a 13,000 gold lead and a victory over TSM in just 25 minutes. Both teams will continue their season on Sunday, June 14, with Liquid facing Golden Guardians and TSM taking on Team Dignitas.

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