Team Liquid secures a top-3 position in the 2021 LCS Spring Split

Team Liquid Secures Top-Three Finish in 2021 LCS Spring Split

Team Liquid has secured a top-three finish in the 2021 LCS Spring Split with a dominant victory over 100 Thieves.

In this League of Legends match, the stakes were clear. The winner would claim the third seed in the Mid-Season Showdown, while the loser would settle for fourth place.

Team Liquid took control of the game early on, amassing a massive 5,000-gold lead within just 20 minutes. However, it was Jensen’s quadra-kill at the 30-minute mark that secured the victory and the third seed for Team Liquid.

With this win, Team Liquid and 100 Thieves have both earned a spot in the upper bracket of the Mid-Season Showdown. Team Liquid is guaranteed to face the second-seed team in the LCS, while 100 Thieves will be matched against the top team in the league. The final outcome of the Spring Split will determine whether TSM or Cloud9 finishes on top.

Regardless of the outcome, 100 Thieves can consider their top-four finish a success. After a rough start in weeks three to five, where they posted a 2-5 record, 100 Thieves made a strong comeback, winning three of their last four games. This weekend, FBI, the team’s AD carry, had an outstanding performance with a scoreline of 23/4/12 in three games.

As we approach the end of the Spring Split, the seeding for the Mid-Season Showdown is becoming clearer. The final day will feature only two games, and the outcome of the contest between Immortals and Cloud9 could determine the fate of the entire MSS bracket.

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