Team Liquid prevails over TNC in a tightly contested StarLadder Invitational grand final

Team Liquid emerges victorious in StarLadder Invitational grand finals

Team Liquid pulled off a surprising victory against TNC Gaming in the grand finals of the second StarLadder Invitational. In an intense five-game series, both teams showcased their skills, but Team Liquid ultimately came out on top with a 40-minute win in the final map. This victory marked their second StarLadder title of 2017.

Despite Team Liquid’s win, a major highlight of the event was TNC Gaming’s exceptional performance. Despite a roster change on May 16, the predominantly Filipino team not only topped their group but also defeated Newbee in the semifinals. Their undefeated run came to an end in the grand finals against Team Liquid.

Team Liquid faced China’s Invictus Gaming in the semifinals, engaging in a grueling three-game series. Each of these games lasted over 50 minutes. However, in the final game, Invictus Gaming struggled from the very beginning as Team Liquid’s star midlaner Amer “Miracle-” Al-Barkawi dominated the Chinese squad with an impressive 24 kills.

This victory is particularly significant for Team Liquid as the team has struggled in recent months, failing to achieve noteworthy results at the Dota 2 Asia Championship and the Kiev Major. With only eight teams participating in the event, Team Liquid’s success boosts their confidence going into the final stages before the International 7.

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