Team Liquid dominates Cloud9 with a flawless 2-0 performance in week 5 of the 2021 LCS Spring Split

Team Liquid Defeats Cloud9 Once Again in the 2021 Spring Split

In the ongoing 2021 Spring Split of League of Legends, Team Liquid has showcased their ability to take down the North American powerhouse, Cloud9. Today, in their second meeting of the split, Liquid emerged victorious once again.

Although the match started off evenly, with both teams exchanging blows and playing cautiously in the early game, Liquid managed to secure the win against Cloud9. It was a tense back and forth game that eventually went in Liquid’s favor.

Cloud9 had a slight advantage with a 2,000-gold lead by the 25-minute mark, thanks to some great picks. However, a crucial solo kill from Alphari, the European top laner, on Cloud9’s mid laner, Perkz, turned the tides for Liquid. This kill allowed Liquid to stabilize the game and gain momentum for a snowball towards victory.

Liquid continued to overpower Cloud9’s lineup, with Alphari securing another important solo kill on Fudge, sealing the game for his team. Liquid showcased their dominance by capitalizing on every mistake made by Cloud9 throughout the game.

While Cloud9 still remains the top team in the region, Team Liquid has proven to be their main challenger in the league. It’s interesting to note that Liquid has lost against several other teams but consistently performs well against Cloud9.

With only one more week until the playoffs, Cloud9 fans might be hoping to avoid facing Team Liquid in the early rounds. However, Liquid needs to maintain their consistency against other teams in the league if they want a chance to face Cloud9 later this month at the Mid-Season Showdown.

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